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Pauline Hall

Pauline Hall (1890-1969) studied the art of composition from 1909-14 in Oslo and abroad; a sojourn in Paris from 1912-13 gave her a lifelong interest in French music. She made many valuable contributions to the musical life of Norway, notably as a pioneer of modern music, which she championed in her capacity as music critic of the Oslo daily newspaper Dagbladet and as chairwoman of the society Ny Musikk (the Norwegian section of the ISCM) from 1938-1961. She was president of ISCM International from 1952-53.

In a modern, international tone language, characterised by Gallic precision and a Neo-Classical sense of form, she wrote orchestral works, theatre- and film music, chamber music and vocal compositions. One of her early magnum opera is Verlaine Suite for orchestra (1929), in which strong influences by Debussy and Ravel are integrated in a delicate mode of expression in which traces of her own personal touch are still discernible.

Translation: Sandra Hamilton
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