D’Sound: Talkin’ Talk

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D'Sound Talkin' Talk cover

They’ve got skills, talent and taste. D’Sound and their latest album Talkin’ Talk is a tour-de-force of high-end production, tasty details and solid tunes. While earlier albums concentrated on urban genres like drum ‘n bass and acid-jazz, Talkin’ Talk sees D’sound exploring sophisticated R’nB. What makes them stand out in the crowd of slick R’nB artists is their emphasis on real instruments and solid playing. Whereas most other artists in this genre rely on heavily programmed tracks, the D’sound crew actually play those polyrhythmic multi-layered tracks. The influence of production gurus Timbaland and the Neptunes is evident as the band move from one tune tastier than the previous. Solid stuff.

D’Sound: Talkin’ Talk (Virgin - 7243 81001820)

D’Sound are now signed to DaWorks Records.

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